Plants need water

In a garden plants rely on the rain.
When growing vegetables you cannot count on the rainfall only. In order not to end in a bad harvest you have to supply water.
Within the greenhouse even more water is needed but here no rain will fall at all.
Using watering-cans to supply water by hand may be helpfull. It is hard work and time consuming. If you could use a hosepipe would be an improvement, but it requires waterpressure.

Automated watering for greenhouse and garden

So what you need is an irrigation system, especially for mass watering . You can choose your best way for irrigation by a combination of sprinkling, seeping, dripping or even misting the water.
Why not handled automatically? There are a lot of advantages. For instance:
you do not have to be there yourself.
the watering will be carried out at night to reduce evaporation
plants will grow better because the controller will anticipate to the demands
reduction of diseases like mould or mildew.

For the greenhouse some added features exist:
opening ventilation window based on the temperature within the greenhouse
control for ebb flow system (also called flood and drain)
control for light compensation by leds

How it works

Electricity is generated using a solar panel. The power will be stored in a battery. With this power a pump will be activated during the night.
The pumpduration depends on the amount of sun during the day. All this is calculated by the controller.
The water will spout, spurt, seep or sprinkle while you are sleeping.
So, by producing energy locally the irrigation works even in rural areas.

How Spurt-Sproeisystemen can help you

What you need is electricity, water and a controller. You can extract water from a brook or a water butt.
You can build the system yourself, We always give free advice.
We can deliver the solar system, battery and pump(s) and of course you may buy elsewhere.
We help you configuring your system and we can deliver the controller.
There are only initial costs, hardly any maintenance and both the electricity and the water is free.

All you need is SPURT Sproeisystemen

Questions? Don't hesitate, send us an e-mail
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